On.Site Training

No better way to train your employees
Wherever you are – the Komax Academy is not far away. So you can tap the best possible training for your staff. We wouldn’t offer anything less – that’s our promise to you.

You can find the Komax Academy at our locations in Europe, North America, Central America, South America and Asia. Upon request, we can even do our On.Site Training courses at your company’s location.

Whether you’re aiming to train or re-train operating personnel, shorten your set-up times or get your own instructors up to speed with the latest developments in tech­nology (and teaching): we support your plans with the On.Site Training courses of the Komax Academy.

Proven and modular
Komax has been training its customers for decades. The concept of certified On.Site Training has proven highly successful since 2013. The modular structure in particular has been very well received by customers: for each product of the Komax Group, we offer a solid technical education on the three skill levels “Basic,” “Advanced” and “Specialist.” Additionally, the “Trainer” course imparts instructional skills. So you can rest assured that each of your employees is well prepared for their respec­tive functions.

Certified competence
Every On.Site Training course consists of a theoretical and a practical part and concludes with a certification test. In the course, you and/or your course participants will benefit from modern, web-based instructional materials as well as the methods and teach­ing skills of our classroom instructors. Cer­tificates from the Komax Academy demon­strate that your employee didn’t merely attend the course but actually mastered the Komax equipment and course materials.



Getting the best out of the machine 
The basic training is intended for employees who already operate a product from the Komax Group; the course expands their com­petence beyond what they learned in the initial instruction session when the machine was handed over. The skill level Basic is also ideal as a detailed, thorough introduction to the job for new employees – not to mention as a way for employees who wish to attain higher certifications to get the basic knowledge they need to proceed further.

After passing the test, the employee receives the “Basic” certificate from the Komax Academy.

What the Basic certification means
The course participant:

  • Knows the area of application of a particular Komax product and safety-related devices
  • Can competently and independently operate the product
  • Is able to carry out simple set-up tasks
  • Has the status of a “trained employee”



Mastering the wire processing process
This course builds the skill level Basic and gives personnel the ability not only to oper­ate the machine safely but also to set it up and maintain it. The training Advanced is primarily directed toward future setup and maintenance technicians as well as any­one who wishes to expand their technical capabilities.

The prerequisite for the course is the Basic certification. After passing the test, the employee receives the “Advanced” certificate from the Komax Academy.

What the Advanced certification means
The course participant:

  • Knows the assemblies of the Komax product and is familiar with all maintenance points
  • Can perform the tasks of a setup and maintenance technician.
  • Has in-depth knowledge concerning the operation, area of application and safety-related settings of their product
  • Is able to set up the Komax product independently, perform configuration using the user interface and troubleshoot as­sociated malfunctions
  • Has the status of a “qualified employee”



Able to take responsibility
This course builds on the On.Site Training Advanced course. It is intended for shift supervisors, production managers and ambitious setup and maintenance technicians who want to advance in their careers. On.Site Training Specialist imparts additional know-how in both theory and practice and enables graduates to perform their demanding tasks with even greater skill.

The prerequisite for participation is the Advanced certification; after passing the test, the employee receives the “Specialist” certificate from the Komax Academy.

What the Specialist certification means
The course participant:

  • Has highly advanced knowledge of the equipment and knows the hardware and software in the areas of troubleshooting and repair
  • Can search for and identify errors and correctly replace defective components
  • Knows the spare parts and can find them in the spare parts catalogs
  • Can assume the roles of shift supervisor, production manager or in-house maintenance technician
  • Has the status of a “specialist”



Instruction to become an instructor
With in-house instructors, companies can train their operating personnel, set-up and service technicians, shift supervisors and site and production technicians themselves and thus ensure the quality of their team’s training on a continuous basis. Candidates for the instructor course should demonstrate high social competence, maturity, motivation and personality in order to successfully train colleagues and prepare them for future roles.

The course covers the following content: teaching methods and educational theory, presentation skills, communication, group dynamics, diversity, conflicts and leadership.

The course is conducted in English and German. After passing the test, the employee receives the “Trainer” certificate from the Komax Academy.

What the Trainer certification means
The course participant:

  • Has the instructional skills, social competence, maturity and motivation to prepare colleagues for future responsibilities
  • Can train employees to be operators, setup technicians, shift supervisors and production or site technicians
  • Has the status of a “trainer”