On.Line Training

Fast, focused and uncomplicated training for your employees 
Our new lineup of On.Line Training courses is a quick, easy and efficient way of get­ting your employees up to speed on how to ope­rate the machine and its software and keep it maintained. The On.Line Training courses are also ideal for refreshing and expanding on existing knowledge. The ­Komax Academy also offers courses on the fundamentals of wire processing that are designed especially for employees without prior knowledge.

The Komax Academy offers a wide range of courses for operators, maintenance personnel, shift supervisor and quality control staff. The training courses are designed so that they can be completed in about 30 minutes to keep concentration levels high. When successfully completed, participants receive a certificate from the Komax Academy.

Any time, any place
The web-based On.Line Training courses are available around the clock. And they can be completed on any computer or tablet with an internet connection. Course participants can thus decide when and where they want to learn – and you as the employer can simply set a deadline by which the training has to be completed.

Completely up to date
The On.Line Training courses are developed by our instructors in collaboration with our technicians and e-learning specialists. You can therefore be sure that every training course is in line with the latest technological developments and corresponds to the latest research into interactive learning methods.

The greatest benefits for you
  • Fast, practical and efficient instruction in the basics
  • Specific courses for individual Komax products, process modules and quality tools as well as software
  • Lower costs as internal training resources aren’t tied up
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to 24/7 availability of courses
  • Certification of course graduates by the Komax Academy

Basics and more
The On.Line Training courses are designed specifically for the individual products of Komax, TSK and Kabatec. In addition to courses conveying the fundamentals of wire processing, we also offer a course on the machine or test system for every product as well as separate training units for software and every individual process module and quality tool. For some machines, specific courses are also available for the operators and maintenance personnel.

The Komax Academy offers training courses on every category of wire processing:
  • Fundamentals of wire processing
  • Wire strippers
  • Cutting and stripping machines
  • Crimp/crimp machines
  • Machines for the production of wire harnesses
  • Process modules
  • Software and networking
  • Marking systems
  • Quality tools
  • Bundling and taping machines
  • Test systems
The courses all have the following chapters:
  • Introduction and explanation of the product
  • Proper operation
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tips and tricks
  • Final test with personalized certificate as a “Komax Academy-Trained Employee.”

You can sign up for each training course individually. You obtain personalized access for each training unit and employee; the access is valid for 12 or 24 months. In this period, the employee can repeat the course or use it as documentation or instructions as often as desired.

More added all the time
We are continuously expanding our range of On.Line Training courses. Our goal is to offer you a specific training option for each product, each software program and all process modules and quality tools – currently in German, English, Chinese and Spanish. We can offer additional languages if needed.

Overview of courses
  • Essential stands for an individual training unit – either for a machine, a test system, a software program, a process module or quality tool or the fundamentals of wire processing.
  • Performance is a package consisting of the training for a machine and the as­sociated software as well as the courses for all of the machine’s process modules; this usually includes 4 to 7 courses.
  • Quality comprises the training for the machine plus the training units for all of the machine’s software and process ­modules and quality tools – so roughly 7 to 10 individual courses.
  • Ultimate is the package through which you gain access to all training courses in the Komax Academy, i.e. for all products of the Komax Group, all process modules and quality tools, all software courses and the courses on the fundamentals of wire processing – over 50 different training units all told.

Essential and Performance are designed for operating and maintenance personnel; Quality is intended primarily for quality con­trol staff; Ultimate is geared toward shift supervisors and production managers.