Training for Top Performance

It’s really very simple: the better your employees are trained, the more efficiently they work with products from Komax and the more your investment in the equipment and training pays off. That’s exactly what the On.Line and On.Site Training courses from Komax Academy do for you.

Higher productivity and more satisfied customers
Your company benefits from Komax ­Academy training courses in a number of important ways. Thanks to optimally configured, operated and maintained ­products, you achieve higher and more consistent quality in the field of wire ­processing along the entire value chain. This lowers your costs and enhances the trust your customers place in you. It also increases the availability of your equip­ment. With their training from the ­Komax Academy, your employees know what to do in tricky situations and require less support. This also reduces costs and helps keep delivery schedules on track. And, incidentally, the loyalty of your staff increases. Well-trained employees are more motivated and are keen to get the highest possible output and quality out of the machines.

Komax On.Line and On.Site Training
The Komax Academy offers you a compre­hensive range of training options for all products of the Komax Group – including the wire processing machines from ­Komax as well as the test systems from TSK and machines from Kabatec for bundling and taping.

We offer you two different types of training courses: our established On.Site Training and our new On.Line Training courses. The latter – web-based training courses – are ideal for the basic training of new staff and advanced training for experienced employ­ees. Our On.Site Training courses provide a comprehensive, multi-day learning ex­perience led by instructors from the Komax Academy. Both On.Line and On.Site Training courses have the following objectives:

  • Consistent, maximum quality
  • High productivity
  • Optimal reliability
  • High occupational safety

Whether you’re introducing a new employee to the basics of wire processing, familiarizing your operators and maintenance personnel with new equipment or bringing your own instructors up to speed with the latest developments, you’ll find the right course for your needs at the Komax Academy.

The following pages provide more in-depth information about the On.Line and On.Site Training courses.