Welcome to the Komax Academy

Worldwide training with certification that’s valid worldwide
Our On.Line Training courses can be completed by your employees wherever they have access to the internet.

Our On.Site Training courses in German, English and many other languages are held at our locations around the world. The map shows you where we train your employ­ees for the products from Komax (wire processing), TSK (test systems) and ­Kabatec (bundling and taping). On request, we can do an On.Site Training course at your location.

The duration of the courses depends on the course type and course contents as well as your specific requirements. A course takes from 1 to 10 days.

If your employees pass the theoretical and practical tests, they receive a certificate based on uniform global standards and with identical quality levels. The certification is valid worldwide and is a prerequisite for par­ticipation in the next-higher level.